How many customers do you lose at checkout? Read the modern Blog and find key checkout optimization approaches that upgrade conversions.

Traders lose around 50% of customers on the checkout page. We’ve produced 8 tips that will assist you to reduce the drop-off rate and upgrade conversion:

Remove Unnecessary 3rd Party Scripts

Remove Unnecessary Scripts

Scripts with no connection to Magento checkout can affect its speed. Examine some scripts and delete inessential ones for checkout page development.

Keep Extensions at Minimum
Third-party modules overweight the Magento 2 checkout page. Examine the utilized extensions and obtain rid of those creating Magento 2 checkout slow.

Optimize Static Content



Magento 2 checkout page has the largest number of stable assets. Examines Stable content to obtain a notable speed boost.

Optimize Cookies
Cookies optimization is often an overlooked optimization technique. However, they can enlarge in size and affect the whole website recital, making Magento 2 checkout very slow.

Delete Unused Price Rules
How many price rules do you have? Examine them all and turn off needless ones to upgrade final cost evaluation time.

Turn Off Unused Payment Methods
Payment methods can build a remarkable load on servers. Exiting off those that your consumers don’t utilize will upgrade both the speed and shopping occurrence.

Implement One-Step Checkout


one-step checkout

Supplying one-step checkout is the most crucial for an eCommerce website. Choose a section that will assist you to decrease the weight of the checkout page and will assist with eCommerce checkout conversion rate expansion.

Provide Only Necessary Information
Don’t let customers get distracted by unnecessary information. Examine your checkout pages and recognize blocks and information that can be removed.

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