Nothing says change and moving forward better than transitioning from a traditional physical store to an eCommerce store. If you chose Magento then you’ve already made managing and developing your eCommerce store easier for yourself. Growing your appearance and website ranking is simpler when you’re running with a feature-rich platform that’s customizable and SEO-friendly.
However, as a trader, you’ve likely noticed that mobile eCommerce traffic has been growing, and because of this wave, mobile optimization has also increased.
In 2020 alone, mobile e-commerce sales increased to 33.6% at $778 billion. This year, eMarketer estimates additional magnification to reach $907 billion with a boost of 13.7%.
Connection speed for the standard mobile user in the US has enlarged in the last 10 years. But Internet connection isn’t the only factor that permits rapid, frictionless experiences for mobile shoppers.

Profitable chances from this extension can only be obtained through a high-performing website; your online store must bring on speed because mobile shoppers need fast reactions.

Can your Magento-powered online store achieve this goal?

Although eCommerce websites designed on Magento have an approach to rich abilities, attaching a thousand or so third-party extensions, you still require to drive definite adaptations to create your site mobile friendly or revolve your online store into a mobile app to successfully catch more mobile revenue. The former will permit you to speed up your online store and Enlarge your website ranking in search outcomes.


Here are ways you can additionally advance your online store’s speed and erect a better mobile occurrence for your users.


responsive design

The world has 4.72 billion Internet users, and 92.8 percent of those utilize mobile devices to approach the web. Desktops and laptops pursue to be a crucial medium for people, but now, people can utilize multiple platforms at a similar time.
If a user overtakes your website on their phone or tablet, and a part of the design isn’t presenting some of your products, or some components are dense to click, they will leave out of frustration. A mobile-friendly design brings an effortless occurrence for each shopper.


Users won’t expend time learning how to utilize your website. The instant they enter your site, it should be effortless for them to know what to do and search for what they require. Your eCommerce store shouldn’t only look attractive, it should also provide a logical journey for the user.
At the primary level, your visitors should be able to search crucial components, like the main menu, shopping cart, search bar, pages, blog, and links.
Sometimes, you may not have the capacity to attach all the pages or tabs that can be observed on the desktop model of your site, this is because navigational features are repeatedly slighted in mobile design.
Make sure that the crucial pages of your website are simply reachable. This will thrust visitors to stay on your website extended.


A page should load in less than 3 seconds; less than two would be ideal. Each second counts for eCommerce sites because a moment’s detain will scatter the buying procedure.

speed up

Here are several things you can do to upgrade loading time:
• Optimize image size. Decrease big images and change them to small files. You can utilize tools like TinyPNG that will let you resize images without the requirement to install an application.
• Detach avoidable JavaScript or any components that will take time to load.
• Minimize redirects.


When a user arrives at your eCommerce store, the aim is to move them to regard the checkout cart and obtain them to buy your items. For this to be a success, you require to have a checkout procedure that’s organized for mobile.

Checkout process

Unlike usual websites, eCommerce stores can procedure orders, and attain payments, amid other things. This means that gathering information from consumers from point A to point B should be as instinctive as feasible.
Screens in mobile devices are little contrasted to desktops, which means that your content should be uncomplicated, components like buttons should be clear, and your forms should every time be simple to fill out. If it’s solid for a user to charge out the fields, or the pages retain re-formatting, the consumer will search it irritating and will likely quit your store.


Popups inform consumers about an offer that they’re positive to be attentive in. But if it’s a planned thing and begins to be nosy, it will defeat shoppers.
This is why Google is currently onto websites that have invasive popups.
Google is creating user-experience precedence, and it sees irritating popups as something that creates a negative occurrence for users. Sites with these will be shown less on the find outcomes.


Content is a crucial part of any eCommerce business. It’s the operating attempt behind SEO and it catches your audience. It also escalates consciousness and educates possible consumers about your business and products.
But too much can slow down your website, mainly if it’s being observed on mobile.
Take the time to analyze your content on mobile. See if it’s rapid to load and if it shows up superbly. Oversee if there’s too much white volume, too many blocks, or if the spacing isn’t fair. Then attach as you see fit.


Magento 2 starts with a built-in feature that permits you to minify CSS/JS files. Why minify? The process detaches avoidable space from the source code and decreases bandwidth requests, creating it one of the best practices for optimizing page load.
To ease, however, you require to switch to production mode because authorizing it doesn’t work on developer mode.


Magento extensions can assist you monitor and trace sales, control inventories and control your consumer service actions through a centralized system. But several may not be required to rush your online store on Magento.
These extensions may too be considering down your website on mobile devices. Run an audit and figure out which ones are attacking your online store’s mobile presentation. Select extensions that have demonstrated to boost your sales or upgrade your operations.

Another frontend optimization work you may want to do attaches file compression. GZIP permits you to compress files, attaching fonts and external scripts. Do this when the CSS/JS compression is authorized and test it on Google PageSpeed Insights to create sure your website doesn’t suffer from downtime.


Users are shopping through their mobile devices, and they anticipate seamless occurrences — from browsing the products and obtaining detailed information to checking out without detains.


Magento does approach with attributes that control rubbing for shoppers. But you can quite better page loading times and develop speed on the platform.
Integrate a little other detains to secures a speedy online store that convinces user occurrences — every single time. With an eCommerce platform that permits optimization twists and more plans on your end, your store performance on mobile may better and bring on ROI targets.


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